What is PaaS? (Platform as a Service)

In our newly launched website, we talk about our PaaS offering. But what is PaaS? Here we give you the lowdown in the least techy way possible!

What is PaaSPaaS or Platform as a Service is one of the many “as a Service” offerings around. In principle “as a Service” means pay-as-you-go for the software service you use. But it also means that the technology you are using is hosted in “the cloud”. Basically it’s not sitting on a computer or server in your office. Instead it lives in Microsoft Azure or the AWS clouds. (We use Azure).

Software platform in the cloud

Put simply, PaaS provides a platform on which software can be developed and deployed in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about the underlying physical infrastructure – that is all managed for you.

A good example is the trusty database – in the pre-cloud days you had to install the database on a physical machine and then ensure that it was kept up-to-date with latest versions and patches; in a Platform as a Service cloud environment this is managed for you.

What is PaaS

Dynamic and growth-focused companies should be looking at migrating their applications to PaaS as it provides:

 Greater speed and agility in deployment

 Improved security capabilities

 The ability to scale computing power up and down to meet business demand at peak times

 The ability to build in high availability and disaster recovery as standard.

PaaS also provides businesses with useful data analytics and insights.

Using Platform as a Service is the best way for us to modernise your existing software applications, breathe new life into them and move them to the cloud.

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