So you think your business might need a web portal?

But what is a portal?

A corporate web portal is a cloud or web-based platform that provides users (typically employees, customers or suppliers) with a single access point to information from a number of different sources such as email, ordering systems, ERP systems and CRM applications.

web portalA web portal is used to improve the way employees, customers and/or suppliers interact with your business and is a great way of delivering self-service tools to improve your organisation’s efficiency.

Google is a consumer portal – we have access to different functions at the click of a button.

Does your business need a web portal?

Portals connect your company with suppliers, customers or other external business partners. Companies generally start thinking portal to overcome a single pain like streamlining customer ordering. One of the biggest pains is usually that business systems are missing a critical module or information that is very specific to that company. (See our Zimmer Biomet case study for more information).

Some other reasons your business might need a web portal

  • Multi-location teams including home or field-based requiring access to key information
  • Enabling access to inaccessible data
  • Provide customers, suppliers or partners with tiered access to company data
  • Streamlining internal processes

Those are some of the key reasons why you might need a web portal. But in fact portals have additional benefits and help employees:

  • Improve productivity and communication
  • Access information from anywhere across all devices – no need to be in the office
  • Make changes and update business rules quickly and easily

Some portals can provide the option to personalise content for target user groups (eg clients, suppliers and employees) at a specified level of security. Because the portal has been created to your specific needs and corporate style, it presents employees with a familiar interface that is incredibly easy to use.

Common corporate web portals

  • Sales portal to support sales staff and enable customers order online
  • Customer/CRM portal for customer support and after-care
  • Project management portal to apply common structures to project delivery activities
  • HR portal for employee support
  • Intranet for cross-company sharing and collaboration

web portalOverall portals provide central access to otherwise decentralised, retained information. A portal integrates internal and external data sources to offer access to information in one convenient user friendly graphical dashboard. In addition, your management team has access to great analytics to measure and further improve business performance.

Zing has created a number of corporate web portals for customers including:

  1. A claims management portal for XSDirect to monitor and manage the workflow of low-value personal injury claims
  2. A customer ordering portal for G4S Ireland integrating with internal ERP and fulfilment systems
  3. A car park management portal for ParkRite to enable comprehensive car park performance management reporting

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