Portals and Reporting

Portals and Reporting

Display your data


web portalsWeb portals are a very efficient mechanism for delivering customers and suppliers standardised and controlled access to information. Zing has years of experience in designing, building and managing full-function web portals to meet our client’s specific needs.

We design solutions that enable critical reporting metrics to be garnered from operational data in a quick and efficient manner. Our web portals facilitate more efficient data entry, easy integration with core systems and excellent analysis and reporting of operational and financial data.

Our solutions often replace manual data entry and collation processes which are labour-intensive and prone to error.


Using web portals as part of your software application strategy brings a range of benefits for both customers and suppliers including:

 Information access anytime, anywhere, from any device.
 Tracking of customer and supplier activities and preferences.
 Automation and elimination of labour-intensive paperwork.
 Improved access to business data.
 Implementation of a self-service strategy by the delivery of application functions across the web.
 Improved productivity.
 Better operational insight.
 Business continuity.

This enables you to make better and faster business decisions and leads to improved engagement and relationships.