IDC: IT Trends and Expenditure in Ireland 2018

The availability of research on trends in the local IT market here in Ireland is quite limited and IDC’s recent report “IT Trends and Expenditure in Ireland, 2018” is very welcome in that regard. It involved an online survey of 158 organisations of all shapes and sizes (public and private) executed in October 2017.

IT budgets to increase

With 52% of organisations expecting their IT budgets to increase in 2018 the area earmarked for the greatest IT investment over the next two years is “cloud services” followed by Big Data/advanced analytics.

Cloud economics

It is interesting to note that respondents remain unconvinced about the economics of cloud computing with only 20% of respondents giving 4 or 5 (out of 5) when it comes to cloud’s performance on the economic front ie cloud playing a role in controlling or even driving down IT costs.

Zing’s experience

This is consistent with our own experience in the field. While a cut in capital expenditure looks great, you still need to carefully monitor and control consumption so that Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) remains reasonable over a system’s life-cycle. We regularly meet IT executives who are wary of ending up in a situation whereby they are reliant on one cloud service provider with the associated risk of being on the wrong end of regular price hikes…!

Digital transformation

IT TrendsWhen it comes to Digital Transformation there is an even split between those who see it as an external transformation focussed on customers versus those who see it as a transformation of internal company operations. Two of the old barriers to effective transformation still exist in the minds of many of the respondents – concerns about security and problems integrating with legacy systems and infrastructure.

Finally, GDPR is getting traction with three quarters of organisations surveyed having embarked on their GDPR readiness journey.

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