Intelligent barcoding of inbound documentation with Zing

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About CWPS

The Construction Workers’ Pension Scheme (CWPS) is an industry-wide pension scheme, providing low-cost pension and protection benefits for workers in the construction and related industries. CWPS is one of the largest occupational pension schemes in Ireland with over 40,000 active members supported by over 2,000 participating employers. CWPS employs CPAS who provide a comprehensive suite of pensions-related services to Employers and Trustees

The Challenge

CWPS generates a significant output volume of correspondence & forms for completion and return by its pension customers. The matching of this correspondence with CWPS pensions files on return is a labour-intensive process. CWPS wanted to:

  • Automate this matching process to improve productivity
  • Minimise any rework required as a result of mis-match
  • Implement a solution that would enable the recognition of barcodes on a range of additional document types without requiring software development.

The Solution

Zing designed and built a barcode recognition engine using Kofax Capture technology. Addition of new documents simply requires additional configuration using the Kofax Capture Administration tool. Kofax integration with core CWPS systems was enhanced to enable encoding of workflow-related attributes within the barcode metadata.

Barcode recognition of (a) Invoices and (b) Certificates of Existence was implemented. A Case Study for the implementation of Sick Pay 2 forms was also developed to empower CWPS personnel to implement themselves. The project was implemented over an 8-week timeframe.

The Results

CWPS personnel can now automatically index documentation returning from their customers ensuring they end up in the appropriate electronic file efficiently and without delay. This approach also minimises the risk of operator error.

CWPS can also add and configure new document types for additional barcode processing as they see fit.

“As a trusted technology partner we were able to leverage Zing’s 3D barcoding expertise to design and implement an intelligent scanning and data extraction solution that integrates well with our existing systems and is exactly in line with our needs.”

Denis Cadogan, Head of IT, CWPS.

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