Data Driven SLAs at Capita

About Capita

Capita is the UK’s leading business process outsourcing and professional services company, delivering back office administration and front office customer contact services to private and public sector organisations across the UK & Ireland, Europe, India and the Middle East.

The Challenge

Implementing a new customer on the Capita platform involved a combination of configuration and customisation to meet the needs of specific customers. New and existing Capita customers had varied reporting requirements in place to measure performance against Service Level Agreements. This approach resulted in a longer change implementation cycle with additional overheads in testing. The aim was to shorten Capita’s customer change implementation cycle.

The Solution

All system functionality was reviewed against SLA requirements to better understand how these were implemented across all Capita customers. The key data elements were then identified across SLA measures. The system changes that were needed to support configurable, data-driven SLAs were identified. These changes were documented, developed, tested and deployed.

The Benefits

 Productivity benefits from a reduction in ongoing testing time.
 Greater flexibility of the system to meet the changing needs of the existing customers and specific additional requirements from new customers.
 Quicker turnaround – greater configuration speeds up the process of meeting changing needs.

“The Zing business analyst was able to understand the processes and system in depth and to come to terms with the complexity of the requirement with a very short time-frame.”

Ella Kane, Business Analyst Manager, Capita.

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